Translational Bioinformatics involves the application of information technology to manage and analyze large volumes of molecular and medical data sets resulting from high throughput analyses form for example genomics or proteomics.

Bioinformatics covers a large area of research with challenging questions in domains such as medicine, (bio-) chemistry, ecology or molecular biology. Technological developments like next generation DNA sequencing, microarryas, and mass spectrometry allow the generation of large and very complex data sets in these fields. Often such data is no longer manageable manually by human experts.

Challenges are e.g. in the context of processing high-throughput data to handle the large volume of incoming data and deal with its high dimensionality. Also the structure of the measured data is often challenging since it may be heterogeneous, combining different types, measurement sources and additional meta-information. Methods in Bioinformatics and Health Informatics have the potential to be used to pre-process, model, and analyze molecular and medical data focused on specific medical questions to derive knowledge from the raw data.

A very effective way is to explicitly or implicitly extend medical and/or molecular data using database integration or text mining tools. Therefore, complex biomedical knowledge networks can currently be analyzed based on molecular and patient data.

This workshop aims to bring together bioinformatics, health informatics as well as clinicians to enable discussions involving all angles. This is not possible through regular workshops with paper submission and review process. Therefore all speakers and workshop presenters are by invitation only. In this way we can assure a proper mixture of speakers and workshops. As participants, all interested are welcome.